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    I'm looking for the optimal solution to incorporate various elements:

    1. Work-based PC running Microsoft Exchange Server 2000/Outlook
    2. Everyone in the office uses Blackberry/Enterprise for email, shared calendars and addresses (but they will get me a Treo if it is more compatible for me.)
    3. I use an Apple Powerbook G4 runnning Tiger at home with Mail, iCal and Address Book as my organizers.

    I need the simplest solution possible that will allow me to see the Exchange calendar and my personal calendar on all three devices. I understand that it might be difficult to have multiple calendars on a Blackberry if running Enterprise. Is this possible on a Treo 650?

    Can I get my email as efficiently from Exchange on a Treo? What about multiple calendars? Addresses?

    Can the Treo be used to sync my PC and Mac at home... or will Exchange mess that up?

    Just polling to see if this can be solved. The fallback option is to use a Blackberry and not have my organizers synced all the time.
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