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    I have the Treo 650 with Sprint and it came with a short charger adapter. In the user guide that came with the phone from Sprint it says "If the connector on your sprint-approed 1 Amp AC charger or vehicle charger doesn't fit into the connector on the bottom of your Treo, use the included Sprint charger adpater."

    I have a Sprint charge that came with a Samsung phone I have and it seems to fit the connector and it so far started charging the Treo 650. I just wanted to make sure I can use it because there was also a warning in the user guide that noted using "any unapproved AC adpater may destroy the AC adapter and cause fire."

    Would anyone know if I am safe to use this? It is a charger from Sprint, but it was for a different phone and I do not want to destroy my phone or its battery.

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    You're fine. Sprint uses a standard charger for all it's newer phones (except the Treo), and that's what the dongle is for, so that you can charge your Treo with their standard chargers. I use some older Samsung car and wall chargers with my Treo and dongle all the time, and I've never had a problem.

    Think of it as a free gift from Sprint for paying so much for the Treo.
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    thanks for the reply. I recently bought the cradle kit from the palm store and it's defective and it doesn't sync. glad to know i can return it for my money back instead of an exchange.

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    Will work just fine like others have said. I use mine for road trips. Just gotta make sure you don't lose the dongle. I locked my old charger to the dongle with a small length of heat shrink tubing over the joint.

    Hope this helps.
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    thanks for the tip, I will secure that dongle to it cause I haven't seen that at any of the stores that I looked for a charger.


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