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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    ...and there should be emergency buttons to put it on "safe mode" in order to go back to being a simple phone so that one can call 911....
    Now THAT is someting I can agree with. What a great idea. Something to turn all apps off except the phone - or maybe except the ROM apps. And, of course, to be able to run the others back on (otherwise I could do a hard reset).

    I pretty much know that the bulk of any problems I may have is the massive collection of third-party software I have running.
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    Don't even THINK about installing an app until you've checked with PalmFocus' Software Compatibility List for the Treo 650.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgauss
    What I was trying to do is help PalmOne. There is no question that the future is coming fast, and that email and browsing on the phone will become the common features of many phones in the future.

    My point (in helping PalmOne) is that they could have hooked us with a solution that satisfied 90% of us, with the proper bundle, and as much crash proof behavior as possible.
    I would venture to say that 90% of us are satisfied. I have maybe one reset a month. I restart my PC more than that. I use my Treo for not only a phone but to listen to music, watch movies, navigate via GPS, receive and send work email, send and receive personal email, configure quotes for clients using the web, create Word and Excel files, give presentations from PowerPoint, maintain all of my 1000 contacts, balance my checkbook, maintain all my passwords for various accounts, oh yeah and play games, plus a host of other tasks I'm not even thinking about right now. And I can do all of this with a device that fits in my pocket. One reset a month; hell, one a week would make this thing still a better "tool" than my PC since there is no way I can stay in an office.
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