I took my treo on a canoe trip (in a zip-loc) and of course I got a little water on it, no biggie. But then I forgot to take it out of the bag and let it dry. It stayed locked up in the bag with about a half tablespoon of water in a hot car overnight. Oops! When I took it out it had rust stains around the audio ort and coming out of the buttons arround the Z key. No lights, No Power, No charging, No signs of lights whatsoever. So, I took outhte handy T6 and took the thing apart. I cleaned up quite a bit of corrosion and put it back together and it charged right away. Except for one, function it seems okay. But the one function is... the Phone. The wireless mode will power off randomly after 10 seconds to one minute. While it is on, I can use the wireless functions and make calls, but it always shuts off. Any suggestions?

Treo 600
At&t (now cingular)