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    Shimon has initiated a contest for the more talented of of us that know some graphic designing...

    So here goes... Shimon wants some nice (Hi-Res) icons for his software (2Day, TAKEphONE and 4Cast) preferabely all of them should be similar with the same idea. Whoever comes up with THE one he'll (or by vote...) use, will get registration codes to those programs. (If you have one already, do it for fun )

    To help you understand what similar means, check out This link

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    It seems the contest is limited to replacements for the launcher icons for all three programs, correct?

    For the 4Cast weather icons we might petition Pocket PC skinner extraordinaire Juni to do some work for Shimon.

    He has created some amazing (animated even!) weather icons for some PPC software. They should be easily portable to the Palm, were Juni to grant permission to do so. Just a thought...

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    Wow, some nice stuff there. I wish we can have something like those "in" 4cast too.
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    One more suggestion at

    Shimon Shnitzer
    Maker of TAKEphONE, 2day, 4cast, 2dial & CallCards -
    "Take telephony into your Palm"
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    I prefer the icons_002.gif over icons_001.gif
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    I also prefer icons_002.gif over icons_001.gif

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