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    I configured mSafe to lock my device and selected the option to do nothing with the sd card. I tested several times and everything worked fine. I then selected the unmount option with the sd card and now everytime I receive or try to send a sms the treo 650 resets. I even tried to to uninstall mSafe but my treo still resets. Any ideas?

    #*#377# error message reads

    A reset was caused while running "SMS"

    Index out of range
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    I just purchased mSafe from Handango using the
    JCHON20OFF" 20% off coupon.

    I really have not tested it as yet.

    If you de-select "unmounting" and do a soft reset will the SMS problem be cleared?
    Try switching off the radio before deleting the app. Use the system delete function.

    I suggest you send a bug report to MotionApps.
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