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    I have noticed what I believe to be a glitch in my LauncherX program. If I am in an application, if I close the app back to the launcher screen and then turn off my Treo screen. When I turn the Treo back on and take off the keyguard, LauncherX will automatically load the previous application I was using, This is very annoying when I want to quick jump in and check something in my palm and then I have to first exit the program LauncherX started by it self. You all are more qualified than I to figure this out, but it almost seems like the memory cache is not refreshing. Any Ideas? I have been considering swithing to Zlauncher to see if the same thing happens, but I have always liked LauncherX. I am using the patched version from this site with center button control.

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    Mine (Treo 600 GSM, LX 1.1) doesn't do that. If I shut off while in an app, it's in that app when I turn the Treo on and disable the keylock, and if I shut off while in a LauncherX tab, it's still on that tab when I turn on and disable keylock.

    It could be a LX bug or a Treo 650 issue.

    (For anyone wondering, it's "patched" by a LauncherX user to restore center-button control, and it's unofficially supported by the LauncherX people-- it's not "patched" as in "hacked to be free.")
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    Any other ideas on this problem, seems to still be happening, if I press the red button to start my treo it loads the last app I was in, I would like it to load launcher. This happens when I disable Launcher X and use the default launcher as well. I have done a full hard reset and new install since this problem started to no avail. One other thing to note is I purchased Mobitv last night and I turn it off, then when I put it in the cradle, a minute or so later I hear sound from my treo with the screen still off, I turn it on and Mobitv is not only loaded it goes right into a channel ?



    Yes, as Tom indicated it is a fully registered version of LauncherX, with 5-way button control.

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