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    I'm looking for a piece of software that will encrypt text that I am creating using SmartDoc. Currently I paste it into CryptoPad, then encrypt it there, but thats frankly a pain. I would like to find a text editor that will allow me to create a document, then use something to encrypt that document so it can only be read with a pass word. Using the same software to write and read is a bonus. Further, as I will end up creating a large number of documents, is there a way to arrange them in heirarchical folders for easy access? Thanks for the help.

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    Try this link:

    You have to create an account to download Secure Memo Pad, but it is decent. I have replaced the original Memo Pad on my Visor with the Certicom Secure Memo Pad as the application that gets launched when I press the memo button.

    The application is virtually the same interface as Memo Pad, except with encryption. No nested folders. One caveat though--if you want your data to be reliable as well as secure you need to not allow anyone else to use your Visor. The encrypted files can be opened in other text editors (albeit, unreadable), but they can be edited. If they are edited at all they will become unreadable/unencryptable even in Secure Memo Pad. I suspect this is true of all encrypting text editors, but I could be wrong.

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    On November 2nd, PGP Security announced that they will have a US$79 version of their Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) for Palm OS devices. It is scheduled to be released in December.

    While the press release refers to the software as it relates to wireless and desktop transfers, I would imagine it would also encrypt data on the PDA itself. Unfortunately there were few details as to other features.

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