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    I would greatly appreicate any genuine advice someone could give me. I'm considering purchasing a Treo 650 from Sprint. Please humor me and answer in responses that an average computer user could understand. These are the things I'm wishing to do with it if possible:

    ***1.) Use it as a modem for my laptop (using Bluetooth?)...I know there is a download that you can pay for but I wouldn't know what to do with it after I downloaded it! lol

    2.) Use it as a MP3 player. I know it has the capabilities, but is the software already downloaded or is do I download it and from where.

    3.) Get streaming stock quotes, like on CNBC, etc.

    4.) Please don't laugh, but is it possible to transfer a picture and Word or similar file to another PDA thru the infared thing at the top (I said don't laugh)...I don't know what it's actually called. If it's possible, how do I do it.

    5.) Display pictures and videos.

    Last, but not least:

    6.) Use it thru the Sprint network so I can have GPS guided directions, like with Nextel.

    Any insight on any of these questions would be greatly appreciate it. Again, don't forget, I'm by no means computer illiterate, but I'm not a pro, so no abbreviations! Gracias!!

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    1. yes BT dun is enabled
    2. real player is included on the phone (ptunes is better but costs...worth it)
    3.I think there are apps that can get stock quotes for you. You can get instant quotes through blazer (the included web browser) by navigating to mobile optimized stock info pages such as are available from yahoo. can beam files, easier to send with bluetooth or email though.
    5.yes you can display pics and vids with the built in apps. Palm desktop has a video converter built in. There are third party solutions available that offer greater flexibility.
    6.for GPS you need a BT gps solution such as the tomtom navigator.

    search around for more info and see my signature.

    good luck!

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