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    Treo people,

    I orignally posted this info on a Parrot 3300 thread, but I think it might help some people with headsets and other bluetooth devices, it read as follows:::::::

    I just wanted to report on some findings. I have a Cingular GSM 1.05 Firmware, 1.04 CNG, Hardware A and my Parrot 3100 is always connected.

    Before I had the parrot 3100 installed which partially worked, it would take 2 rings for the Parrot to pickup. The Parrot remained "Disconnected" most of the time and it only connected when I got a call. Overall I was really happy with the Parrot.

    I finally decided to install the Bluetooth Car Kit upgrade from Palmone, now my phone is connected to the Parrot ALL the time just like if it was a Sprint phone.

    I am trying to figure out how and why?????

    First off I have the "Always On" app, and the Blue Nomad "Uninstall" software.

    When I first installed the Bluetooth Carkit on the Treo 650 the Uninstall app ran it in its Sandbox mode, which is a feature that lets you run the app without installing it but in this case it installed it and it reset the phone. After my phone reset, when it was up again I had a second copy of the same Bluetooth Carkit installer file. So basically I installed it twice.

    So my theory is that you have to install the Bluetooth Carkit twice to make it work correctly. Just like sometimes you have to install firmware twice to install it correctly. Or maybe they update the files and didn't tell us.

    Secondly I have the "Select Network" hack installed. It replaces some phone file "Phone_enUS.prc" and makes the opition Select Network work, so that you can select an Orange, Blue or Tmobile phone tower.

    I think Cingular and other providers disabled Select Network which also altered some bluetooth functions since they are connected. Here are some links:

    I don't have a second Cingular GSM Treo or other bluetooth devices, can someone in this forum try to see if installing the Select Network hack and the Bluetooth Car Kit twice will give other bluetooth devices better performance, such as mainting a constant bluetooth connect, or others. I am hoping this info can help people or maybe my phone is a freak.

    Please POST your results or any other info and ONLY try this out if you know what you are doing.

    Here is that file for Cingular GSM 1.05 Firmware, 1.04 CNG, Hardware A, any other firmware will cause reset loops, the other files are available on the above mentioned links :

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