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    I use TomTom Navigator 5.12 on a Treo 650. With the latest update my hotsync issues have finally been resolved but I still have one issue:

    Everytime an automatic or manual backup with BackupMan has been done my Treo resets when I start TTN5. All other apps on my Treo show no issues only TTN5 crashes when it is started the first time after backup. After a reset TTN5 works flawless.

    I also tried BackUpBuddyVFS and RescoBackup but have the same issue...

    Any ideas?

    Greetings from Germany, MacBaren
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    Teal Back from Tealpoint Software works great with TT5 and all other programs. I had issues with Backup Buddy VFS and Professional. No crashes here!
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    I use BackupBuddy, BackupMan, and Botzam Backup and have no problems with TT5.

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