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    My Treo 650 has been working fine, no problems. I downloaded the updater 1.12 and since then, I cannot receive text messages from one specific phone number. Others seem to get through fine. I can tell I am receiving a text from this 'bad' number, because the phone resets itself with the Handspring bar and then the Palm circle. I have tried soft reset and hard reset... problem still happens. What gives? Any suggestions? Do I need a new Treo?
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    I've had similar problems. Are you using sprint? they're in the process of merging with nextel and I've had text messages come through, others havent. As of today, the full volume of messages seems to be coming through again...
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    I have a vague memory of reading threads about the phone resetting, someone suggested it might be a corrupted contacts db. Is the offending number in your contact list? What happens if you delete the contact, does the SMS still reset the phone?

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