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    Whenever I SMS another Verizon client on my Verizon Treo600, it sends the message, and then alerts me to that message like I have an incoming message, but all it is, is the message I just sent. This is hard to explain so bear with me here.

    In the SMS "chat convo" screen, there are two arrows by every persons name in the list of current conversations. Most of them are green and white...all of those people are non-verizon. A few are green and orange arrows. These are Verizon clients, and those are the only ones I have this issue with. When I send a message so a Verizon client, the message sends with the text showing up in grey on my screen, then after a few moments, the text turns red and my phone vibrates or rings until I click on the message again and re-read it.

    VERY ANNOYING! Any idea what is causing this and how to make it stop? I hate having to sit there after I send a message to these people and wait for the message to come back so I can read it and stop it from alerting me again.
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    NO one has any ideas? I've been trying to fix this for a year now... :/

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