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    I was wondering what everyone thought of DB5 versus the contact manager that comes with the 650? I know that Palm licensed some version of DB3-4 and was thinking of going to 5 but didn't see many people mention it on their "must have" apps. What would be the advantages of going to DB5???


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    As the name suggests, DateBook 5 is primarily a datebook, not a Contact Manager. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    OOps I meant the built-in calendar app not contact manager!!
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    I like Datebk5 compared to the built-in calendar. The features are too many to list. You can look through the users manual at
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    Datebk5 kills the built-in one. If you have a busy schedule, it's an essential piece of software (or agendus, which also has it's benefits). Either way, if you use your calendar a lot, you've got to get one of those 2.
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    DateBook 5 was one of the first apps I installed after I bought my 650. I highly recommend DB5, especially when compared with the built in datebook.
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    I a using keysuite and it sees to mimic outlook to the teeth. I also use 2day as my agenda page, I do not like keysuite's today page, a matter of preference.
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    I use Keysuite also. The main advantage of Keysuite is the ability to sync multiple folders in Outlook. I don't think Agendus or DB can do that. The disadvantage to KeySuite is that it uses it's own databases and thus takes up more room on the Treo.
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    Do any of these play well with the Mac? I'm assuming they all come with their own conduits. Curious to know if they work better with iCal than Palm does.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sinebubble
    Do any of these play well with the Mac? I'm assuming they all come with their own conduits. Curious to know if they work better with iCal than Palm does.
    Datebk5 and Agendus both play as nicely as can be expected. The only drawbacks is that they store their extra info (like icons and colors) in the notes field. And, of course, the lack of category syncing. That's an iSync deficit, though...
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    I REALLY like DateBook 5.

    I use a LOT of tasks on a day-to-day basis. I really like how one can combine tasks and calendar items on the same screen. The icon sets are quite nice too.

    I don't know what I would do without DateBook 5 around to manage my life. Actually, since I starting using it, I rarely use my desktop for PIM functions.
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    I use Datebk 5 with a comprehensive (and quite expensive) contacts/business manager called timematters. ( They work great together. The newest version of timematters syncs contacts, calender, to do's, billing entries, and matters on the Palm.
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    gt5l, just curious but does your keysuite data display in 2day?


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    keysuite does not display in 2day.
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    I was using Datebk5 for years (Datebk3,4 prior), but wanted better contact management. I decided to give Agendus a try. I will say that from a calendar perspective, Datebk5 wins hands-down, but for contact management and integration, Agendus wins. Not trying to turn this into a Datebk vs Agendus post, but if you need an app that integrates contacts with your calendar/call log, Agendus does that very well. Also, the most recent beta of Agendus integrates contacts even more. You can create relationships (Dee is the parent of Eric, etc). See link for details:

    Also, the call documentation in Agendus is very nice. I can see when I called Dr. Smith at any time...and it will list every call placed and received from Dr. Smith. Great way to keep record when you contacted someone.

    I wish there was a simple contacts replacement that was so powerful, without having to buy Agendus, etc. It might be interesting to see what Datebk6 has in store...I have heard it will integrate contacts much better. If that is the case, I will be more than happy to return to Datebk.

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