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    I could take better video by taking still images and arranging them into a flipbook, and using wax cylinders for the audio track!

    So either A. The treo is capable of better video but PalmOne makes it crappy to save space (or annoy people), or B. The Treo is not capable of better video.

    I happen to believe A - just like the treo is capable of better pictures. So what is the likelyhood of a program that will encode video at a little bit better quality? I recall a discussion on the camera module and such but has anyone gotten anywhere with it?

    I've taken a good deal of video in many situations (concerts, people speaking, movement, etc.) and nothing so far has been worth keeping. Noise and blobs.
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    I agree, the video on the Treo 650 is horrible. I had a Clie NX70v and video was 100 times better. However, pictures on the Treo 650 are better than on the Clie. My conclusion is that Palm used a crappy compression utility for the Treo.

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    Hmmm... I also would be interested in a 3rd party video rec app for the 650, but I guess there just isn't enough demand to justify a dev committing to it. I wonder if the developer of MovieRec ( could port the app to the 650? I would be interested to see any performance differences...
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    Well worthless is a lil strong but the video could be improved so an app would be great, yes G, I want another app! -LOL
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    I havn't installed it yet, but has a program (Live?, I think?) in it's downloads section that proports to record full resolution video. It had some caveats, tho.
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    hmmm..... Ill have to try it when I get home.

    The guy in the reviews section says the video quality in the built in app is better if you record to internal to external card. I will have to do some testing after work today.
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    For Pete's Sake... I hate that the Treo even has a camera. I don't care about video. I think I've taken five pictures with my Treo in 18 months. It's designed to be a business tool. It's like complaining that a Ford Focus doesn't have enough horsepower compared to an BMW M5. The Treo does what it was designed for very well.
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    I use my 650 for pics and videos all the time. So there!

    SoundRec on the 650 shows you how good the sound recording COULD be. and MovieRec on the 600 shows you how good the video recording COULD be. Space is the issue, but i'd sure love a way to allow much better audio and video sampling rates and still save the file as a 3g2. Might even pay $$$ for that!!!
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    After using MovieRec (somewhat, lack of audio in the encoding to the desktop), I was disappointed with the choppiness of the 650's built-in app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34
    It's designed to be a business tool.
    Its designed to be a mobile internet/phone/pda tool, you can use it for business but that isnt its only use.

    The Treo does what it was designed for very well.
    Well it was designed with a camera with video capability and it doesnt do video "very well" so......
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    do a search on the multimedia video threads and see if you can't improve video quality using better compression schemes. I have whole DVD's on my SD cards and the video and audio quailty is very good (in my opinion - and I'm a recording engineer).

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    That's a whole nother topic. This one's talking about taking video with the Treo's camera, not compressing .avi files and whatnot for playback on the treo.
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    I agree the video quality and picture quality of the Treo 650 is below average. If I use these functions at all, which is very little, it's not for anything important. Certainly can't make a decent 4x6" print from the Treo!

    This is why I also keep a Canon SD300 pocket digital camera with me at all times. I can shoot a good quality still picture (with flash) from the Canon SD300 digi-cam, then stick the SD card from the camera into the Treo 650, then use Acid Image Pro to downsize the picture to around 150Kb (instead of 2Mb), then attach the reduced picture as an email file to send to people or upload to my blog site. My Canon camera also takes high quality 60 frames per second .avi video clips, which I can then copy and burn onto CD.

    One day, hopefully soon, a future Treo model will allow me to keep my digital camera at home. This will be a day of *convergence* for me (Palm/Cell/Camera/Camcorder). I don't see this happening anytime soon, so I'm stuck carrying a pocket digi-cam with me at all times. Just as well, since I actually enjoy using my Canon digital camera anyway.

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