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    I don't know why Chapura released PocketMirror Standard 3.0 before it was ready. They had a stable, reliable 2.05 product. I have so many synching problems and have to frequently do "Outlook overwrites Handheld" to get it all working again. This means that I lose any updates that I've made on my Visor.

    I checked Chapura's FAQ today and there are a number of references that say "This problem will be resolved in PocketMirror 3.0.1, which will be released later this year." I strongly recommend that you wait for that version.

    I'm going back to PocketMirror 2.05 today.
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    no problems here with 3.0.
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    Originally posted by na2rboy
    no problems here with 3.0.
    You might be using it in a much simpler way that I do. I have many recurring events and appointments with exceptions to those. I also frequently update these recurring events/appointments on my Visor.

    If you'd seen the error "ERROR: 00001014 Outlook COM Error" as often as I have, you'd understand why I recommend that people wait for 3.01.
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    I have recurring events yearly and on certain days and it has not affected my syncing with with outlook, in fact i don't see much of a difference between the old version and the new one.

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