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    It hung today. So I did a soft reset.

    AND every setting has gone.

    All my software is now unregistered.

    BUT all the data is still there. What on earth?????

    VERY annoying.

    Any ideas???
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    Even the regional settings/formats etc are all back to defaults....Agghhhh!
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    Quite usual, but no big deal, just copy the SavedPreferences file from your last backup.
    If you don't have a file manager already, install FileZ.
    If you don't have any backup, try to salvage it from the last HotSync, provided you didn't already hotSynced since the crash.
    This happens quite frequently, so if you don't use any backup program ( which you should ) try at least to copy the SavedPreferences database to your SD card with FileZ (freeware) each time you register a new software.

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    Thanks for that. I did a hotsync after the issue, so not sure what SavedPreferences I would bring back.

    Slowly getting the machine back to normal.

    Whay does it happen?
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    Unfortunately no one has been able to narrow down the cause. It does happen quite often though. If you read up you find instances if it happening to people three or four times per day!

    My best advice is to invest in a good back up program (Back Up Man or Back Up Buddy) and back up often. This way if it happens again you can simply do a restore and be back to normal in minutes.
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    This has been happening to me too... It's frustrating because it never happened with my Treo 600... I have Backup Buddy to restore my Treo... I use it to restore the setting about every two weeks...

    If I have to restore the settings THREE TIMES A DAY, I would ditch the treo 650 in an instant!

    My 2 cents!

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    Quote Originally Posted by boxall
    Thanks for that. I did a hotsync after the issue, so not sure what SavedPreferences I would bring back.

    Slowly getting the machine back to normal.

    Whay does it happen?
    Looks like you are reinstalling your applications. Did you start fresh with a hard reset?

    Install and run dbScan (search for discussions here on how to use it) to check for corruption in the PIM databases.

    The problem is that people restore (either from Hotsync or backup programs) after a crash. That may restore their device to the same buggy condition that was causing the crashes.

    This type of crash is NOT normal. Sometimes, if restore of Saved Preferences is unable to fix the problem, then a hard reset followed by re-install is the best option (like formatting the hard drive and re-installing Windows!)

    Summary: Hard reset to clean out the Treo and start fresh; dbScan to check for corruption in the PIM databases; reinstall applications to clean out corruption in Saved Preferences file.
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    Same thing happened to me! It was really quite frustrating as I lost my tediously designed datebk5 views and preferences! I think everything's ok and I've since hotsynced so I can't go back. I had a "hang" after a cancelled hotsync (I got tired of waiting so I soft-resetted). I don't have a backup program now, but I suppose I should look into getting one...
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    Yep. This happens to me once a week. Very annoying. More annoying is that when this happens, my Internet connection is disabled and the only way to restore is to do re-input all my software codes and prefences from scratch. Re-synch, then har reset, then synch again. Painful.

    The Saved preferences approach is new to me, though...will that work with restoring the Intenet connection? That said, I'll be getting Resco suite of application programs very soon to rectify this problem. See my similar thread here:

    Resco thread here:

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    I sure hope the next version of the Palm OS (6.1 with Linux?) is more stable and less prone to crash. We can dream, right?

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