Ok there everyone.. I don't seem to think that this is all documented everywhere.. but I want to ask people's opinions on this.

First of all... What is the difference between between sync / sync xpress? Is it just a way to have two different sync'ing options.. so, when there is a push/pull it just sync express?

What is ready Sync?

I have verizon online account setup to do my push/pull on the addition of new items.

My major problem is the following:

A lot ofpeople complain that they can't get in touch with me... my phone goes straight to voicemail. I've determined that this is because my phone is sync'ing with my computer when this happens.. a lot.. but the interesting thing is, a lot of times I don't receive any new email after it completes sync'ing.. so it's not receiving/sending email.. what is it doing? Granted, there are other times where I do receive email.. but this is the expected behavior, so it is ok, i'm not worried about that.. it's just I get all this extra sync'ing.

The only explanation that I can come up with is that I receive a LOT of email every day on the same account, and Outlook uses rules to manipulate the email.. perhaps the verizonwireless wireless client sees 'new email' but by the time it sync's up, the email has been moved in outlook?

Are there any suggestions for settings? A way I can have phone calls take priority over sync'ing? I'm at a loss here..