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    I am just wondering what everyones set up is

    I got a alinta gps reciever and a mapololis
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    i have siedo/mapopolis car kit sound through my car speakers. running off of my 2 gig ultra sd. 18.3 mb free memory on phone, 903.7m free on card. also useing zlauncher to run off card
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    I'm about to purchase the Globastat BT-338 SiRFIII receiver and TomTom5 combo...
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    I read the TT-5 will not work with the 600. This is from guys who have TT-4 working.

    I hope you get it to work since I have been unable to find TT-4 anywhere
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    I'm not sure of some that you guys are talking about. Anyone have any links?

    Are there any that don't have to be powered through the car charger so you can walk around with it?
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