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    I've been using my new treo for a lot of email and IM, so I assume it's using the battery a lot. I've been charging it nightly.

    Can someone recommend an extended battery for the 650?

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    there is a HUGE thread on an extended battery that people love. check out the search tool to find it.

    good luck
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    Ordered mine from here.

    Very satisfied.
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    Thank you!
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    IMHO, you are better off buying a second battery and the charging cradle. The extended battery gets you all of 15% more run time while the extended battery doubles your run time. Besides, you can have the second battery charging and ready to go while you are using the phone. You can get a second battery for $20.
    Dan's is where I bought mine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Disaster
    The extended battery gets you all of 15% more run time while the extended battery doubles your run time.
    Umm... I'm assuming you mean the 2nd battery doubles your run time, but in any case, wouldn't you just use your OEM battery as the back-up and keep it charging? You make it sound like the extended battery gives "only" 15% more tima while the cheaper battery doubles your talk time.
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    Yeah, I mean for $20 bucks you can double your run time or for $60 bucks you can double it and have one battery that last 15% longer. If you want to square it dollars for dollars for $60 you can get 115% more run time or for $60 you can buy 3 standard batteries and get 300% more run time. That should let you go to the Outback for a week without any power sources.

    Seriously, though, there is one other "issue" with the 2200Mah battery. There is no way for the phone to know how much charge the battery has when it is full. It learns this through the charge cycles. It will take a few charge cycles for the Treo to "learn" the 2200mAh battery then when you switch back it will miscalculate the battery level for the 1900mAh battery. This is only important if you really plan on running it down and count on the battery level indicator being correct. Of course, if you are in need of two batteries you are more likely to be a canidate for doing that. If you have two batteries of the same mAh, and you swap them back and forth during the life of your Treo, the battery indicator will always be pretty close.
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    And of course, there is the fact that the extended battery seems to be sold out everywhere...

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