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    Okay so I have a 2 year old 256m Sandisk card that I used in my Kyo 7135 with no problems. bought a T650 and Real Player played the same mp3 files with lots of snap crackle and pop until about halfway throught the song and then crashed. I loaded the trial of PTunes and it played the songs all the way through with no problem, but still snap crackeled and popped.

    Someone suggested that the SD card speed was too slow.

    It came in about 199 on VFSMark.

    Today I went and bought another sandisk card to test the theory. 64m normal speed card. It had a VFSMark of 465.

    STILL snap crackling and popping!! Driving me crazy!

    These songs play perfectly on my computer! Great on my Kyo 7135! And like crap on my T650! Will someone please help?

    I've tried TCPMP, Ptunes, and Realplayer and they all seem to play the mp3s badly. I gotta believe it's a card issue. Or a phone issue.
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    I recently noticed a problem with my 650 having problems playing music with PTunes as well. Not long after, my Treo completely crashed, I had to do a hard reset, and a restore. Afterwords, everything worked fine. I think somehow, something got corrupted in memory. The crash was actually not long after I had enabled UDMH, so I'm a little skeptical about that memory hack.

    So I would say, last resort, try a hard reset, and restore.
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    Thanks, whidden, but I tried that.

    Somebody? Anybody?

    I just don't get this! WHY can't I play my mp3s on my Treo?! Dammit it's driving me crazy!!!! (Not your problem, I know, but still!)

    Did I post this in the right forum?

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