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    I will be away from a charger for a long time on an upcoming trip and will be doing work on the Treo. I have an extra battery I keep charging in the cradle, but have never used it.

    When I pull the battery out of the Treo when I want to change it, how long do I have before I loose memory?

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    With the NVFS file system that the Treo 650 has, you wont have worry about how long you keep the battery out. Take your time, relax, you wont loose any data.
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    The Treo 650 has non volatile memory. You have as much time as you wish to to change the battery.
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    Actually, there is no guarantee if you take more than 100 years. . . Just to be safe, I'd do it within 10 years.
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    While it is true that you do not lose the contents (programs, settings, etc.) of your Treo when you switch batteries, be aware that pulling the battery out is the same as doing a soft reset. The Treo will reboot when a battery is put back in the unit.

    Keep this in mind... For example, suppose you are in the middle of filling out an on-line form (like writing a post on TreoCentral). If you pull the battery and put a fresh one in while doing this, you will lose what you were doing.

    In other words, swapping the battery is not a seemless operation.
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