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    Hi all, I'm looking for a few recommendations for good text editing / writing software for my Visor. Ideally I'd like something along the lines of memo pad, but without that annoying limit on document size. I'd like to be able to edit the resulting text on both PC and handheld... any experience people ?

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    I would highly recommend PEDITPRO. Take a look at the info available at

    It's incredibly flexible, full featured, works with keyboards, and tons of other stuff.
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    I also highly recommend PeditPro. Paul's software rocks and works like a dream with my Stowaway!

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    Thanks guys, I've pulled down the demo version and I'll have a good bash at it tonight.
    Mark Ormerod
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    Although, I use and love peditPro... you guys overlooked what he was asking for. peditPro has a 32K limit on document creation/editing.

    I tried reading through the manual, and I kept finding that pedit04 only allows the usual size of memos and pedit32 allows only the 32K barrier.

    Now... what about the NEW Quickword? I think I saw on one of the screen captures that a document was 110K. Big difference... especially when the program has built in compression.

    Any one contribute experience to these questions?

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    Peditpro is nice.. but it still has this maximum file size limitation so it falls down in that aspect

    I'll investigate QuickWork as from the sound of it this *may* get around that problem...

    The other thing is that peditpro does a little too much. AQll I really requier is something akin to notepad or the current memo pad (ie input text and that's it) with no limit on filesize.

    Here's hoping

    Mark Ormerod
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    In that case i would recommend QED (even though i think it is expensive compared to Pedit) but it breaks filesize limits by saving it in compressed DOC format...
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    Originally posted by timmins
    Now... what about the NEW Quickword? I think I saw on one of the screen captures that a document was 110K. Big difference... especially when the program has built in compression.
    As far as I know, there is no file size limitation in the new Quickword. Best of all, there's a conduit for syncing back and forth with MSWord!!! A big step in the right direction. Check it out!
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    I've been using DTG for a while now. It's not perfect, but it does break the size limit. It formats and compresses after each letter. With a keyboard (GoType,Stowaway) it has significant screen lag time, but still gets all the info. If you bring up the screen keyboard befor typing it keeps up just fine, but you cannot have as much of your doc in front of you. DTG can work with many file formats and keep them sync'd up between PDA and Desktop. But it can only handle one PS. Drawback for me, I want to work at the office, on the raod, and at home.
    It is still a fine program, and I reccomend it. Availible as a download or at CompUSA.
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    Well, I tried QuickWord last night and so far so good - very intuitive and does everything that I need. Its syncronising works well - I'll let you know how I get on - so far at least, I think it's just what I'm looking for.
    Mark Ormerod
    "In the end you get what everyone gets... you get a lifetime"
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    Last week I was preparing a presentation at the last minute and Smartdoc caused me so much grief I ended up just using the memo pad.

    Here's what happend. I'm sitting in my hotel room with my graphite vdx plugged into my new stowaway keyboard. Its 2am and I'm supposed to talk the next evening at 7pm. Whenever I delete part my presentation that significantly changes the size of my doc file, not only does smartdoc crash but the entire machine needs to be reset. One crash was so bad that it corrupted my file and I had to rely on a backup. Another crash simply took half my file with it! So I copied my work from smartdoc to the memopad (there's no export of course) and worked with that. No more problems.

    I have no hacks and the file was just an ordinary doc file.

    I would say that if quickword is simply a conduit cobbled on to this smartdoc junk, then the whole package is worthless.

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    Here is my contact with CES Software. Someone please tell me if you have had this problem.



    First, I would like to say that I feel your product QuickWord has a lot of potential of becoming the most essential program on my handheld. The ability to transfer Word Documents along with the forthcoming formatting possibilities makes this program more than fully featured for the Palm. Although, I am having problems with the conduit and Word document creation.

    I was on the train this afternoon. I typed up a 3K document and clicked on Done when I was finished. I did not compress it, but only classified it as a Business document.

    When I arrived at Volkswagen, my place of employment, I installed the full software on my Win2K machine with Office 2000. After syncing my Handspring the documents arrive in the QuickOffice desktop application. Once opened, I clicked on the left pane to get only Business documents. My document is present on the right pane and I proceed to double click on the file. I receive this message: "This document does not exist C:\Program Files\Palm\margo\qword\Business\Outline of Volkswagen Presenta.qwd. Do you want to select the document to open?" So naturally, I clicked Yes, since I want to select this document to open it. It opens a different interfaced window whose Titlebar says Open Quickword Document and has my categories on the left, and Documents on the right pane. My personal handheld name is in a drop down on the top. So, I double click on my document 'Outline of Volkswagen Presentat' and receive this error "Could not read header. Input past end of file." It then opens up a copy of Microsoft Word, nothing on the page. So, I close the QuickOffice Desktop and re-open it. I immediately receive the error "This Document is corrupt or is not a Quickword file. Input past the end of file." It then shows that I have two files, named the same in the right pane, both are named "Outline of Volkswagen Presentation".

    I am half tempted to purchase this software from you, but I can't justify it if my trial period is full of errors like

    If anyone else has this problem, let me know. Maybe we can work out a suggestion because right now I do not have a response back from CES. Although, I can't say that I am disappointed to the point of writing it off. I truly believe this software has potential.

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