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    I know this issue has been discussed in other places, but I can't seem to quite find the solution I need.

    I want to use my Gmail account on two machines. One is my laptop using Outlook, the other is my Treo 650 using Versamail or Chattermail. I've obviously figured out that Gmail will only let you access a message via POP once. After I download it through my Treo, it's archived on Gmail's servers and it not accessible to Outlook from my laptop. The problem (as I'm sure everyone has figured out) is that Gmail doesn't support a "leave on server" option.

    I thought the solution would be to get Versamail or Chattermail to just sync offline any messages from my Treo that I have already downloaded into Outlook via the hotsync - but I can't get Versamail to do this, and Chattermail doesn't seem to have any conduit to sync to the laptop at all.

    Anyone know a solution? I know there is probably some way using IMAP servers and pushing stuff, but I think that involves another e-mail account which I was hoping to avoid. The goal of all this was to consolidate my e-mails into one place.


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    Gmail does have an option to leave POP accessed mail on the server. Go to your "Forwarding and POP" settings and select "When messages are accessed with POP leave Gmail's copy in the Inbox."

    Assuming you have your POP clients set to leave mail on the server, you're all set.
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    True, but then I'll always have my e-mail sitting in the inbox on gmail. The goal was only to have my new messages there.

    I did figure out a work-around if anyone is interested. I set up another gmail for the Treo only. I auto-forward my main gmail account to the Treo one and keep the messages in the inbox. I can then access the messages from the Treo account and keep the original messages in the main gmail account ready to be downloaded into Outlook on my main PC. Everyone has already figured out this trick.

    Here's the wrinkle. I set a rule in Outlook to download and immediately delete messages from the Treo gmail account. If I haven't checked my mail via Outlook, the messages are still on the Treo gmail acount. If I have checked my mail on Outlook, then the system auto deletes my Treo mail off the server and I only get fresh mail from the Treo account.

    It works!

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