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    I just purchased a Treo 650 (Cingular). Of course, Iíve found multiple problems with Versamail. Based on multiple threads here, Iíve concluded Iíll be best served by moving to Chatter.

    Unfortunately, my current email hosting service ( doesnít offer IMAP. I donít need website hosting. I need 2 or 3 mailboxes (including one for my wife) and I check email from my 3 different PCs as well as Treo and webmail. I also want to transfer my domain to my email hosting co (earthlink charges me $5/month for the personal domain parking I've been using for years).

    Iíd appreciate recommendations on which provider to use for both domain hosting (parking) and email. I looked at several providers mentioned in various threads here. All seemed to have drawbacks. However, Iím not very confident in my ability to evaluate the different services since I donít currently use IMAP and am not that familiar with the protocol. Obviously, a primary concern is optimizing my selection for use with Chattermail. Other principal concerns are: domain hosting, reliability, storage capacity, price (Iím not expecting free but hope to keep it under $75/yr), spam filtering. My initial findings: good price ($12/year), 1GB storage, 5 email accounts. Unfortunately, they donít allow sub-folders on the server which forces you to download (or at least view the headers) for all msgs marked as spam. Didnít feel ďrobustĒ looking through their materials. Saw elsewhere on here that their IMAP is buggy. basic $35/yr plan only offers 25MB/mailbox. The biz plan at $240/year is quite pricey. Highest end plan is reasonably priced at $40/year. But, this offers only 1 mailbox; need to link sub-accounts for additional mailboxes. This seems cumbersome and confusing. Found their instructions for transferring domains very difficult to understand. Concerned about slowness/downtime issues mentioned on

    Pricing is ok: personal plan is $20/year for 350MB and 1 mailbox; business is $80/yr, 800mb, 5 mailboxes. However, it isn't clear from the website if they offer domain hosting.
    $25/month. Pricey
    expensive since service is for exchange based hosting and are both webhosting services, not really pitching mailhosting market per se. However, at $8/mo and 3GB+ storage, seem like a pretty good deal. Iím just not completely sure whether they support everything Iíll want/need for mail hosting.

    Thanks for comments & recommendations.
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    i have it's ~14.95 for the domain name or whatever and i think 29.95 a year for 50mb of imap mail. it's just what i need cause i have gmail and it forwards to my imap, then i delete them from the imap account after i read them and they're still stored at gmail. my gmail pop access hasn't been working...
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    I've been using these guys: for about 3 years now. Mostly for email, but you also get substantial web and ftp space. $8/mo, I pay a year in advance. The tools they give you to manage the account are quite good. You can do a lot more with it than just email.

    Uptime has been outstanding. Support (I had to call 2x in the past was very responsive and quick). Creating accounts is very easy. So is setting up forwarders and auto-responders. (For example

    BTW, I use IMAP and POP with them, SNMP also. I POP from Entourage, and IMAP from Snapper mail on my 650. They also support about 3 different webmail clients. I have about 5 email addresses on the service, they support MANY more than that.

    You can setup folders on the IMAP side. 3GB of storage, 40GB/mo, They do offer domain hosting. You can park multiple domains with the lower tier account, you can also setup subdomains easily. I also use it for image hosting when I sell junk on eBay or post pictures of stuff.

    As far as my domain name, I host it with someone else to keep the 2 separate.

    Been very happy with them and will continue to use.
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    Check out Phoenix Teknologies ( They have been fantastic, and their mail servers work perfectly with Chatter and the IDLE command!
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    I use for domain and imap. I think it was $19.95 for one year. I checked and they get $25 now, but you do get unlimited emails and a bunch more for $5 more. There are cheaper setups, but these guys seem good and uptime is good. I also used for a domain name so I have an imap account with an email name that is like a vanity plate. I have and that makes my email easy to remember for folks. It works perfect with chatter.

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    I've been using

    I used the instructions below to sign-up. $10 for the first year is not too bad!

    BTW: I've been using DreamHost for about 3 months now, and the service has been very reliable, and ChatterEmail has interacted very nicely with their IMAP email service.

    To Sign Up With SIGNIFICANT Discount:
    1. Pick the CDI (crazy domain insane plan)
    2. Choose to prepay for 1 year.
    3. Go to checkout
    4. When you get to the checkout screen, enter discount code "777" (no quotes) to get the discount.
    5. You will see the price change to $9.77.
    6. After the first year you only pay $7.95 a month (still the best deal I've seen for the bandwidth and storage you get).
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    i use AOL free IMAP service ( and it works with chatter.
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    I've been using FuseMail for 18 months with excellent results. They host DNS for two of my domain names, as well. That has worked flawlessly. They do offer some additional features that you should check out. Your account allows you to store files using ftp using your allotted disk space. You can also put your calendar and address book online and share it with others, if desired. There is no limit to the number of domains you host with them on one account. I have four e-mail addresses coming into one mailbox (different folders). You can pull down other mail accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.) into your FuseMail account. All in all, a pretty good solution. I have had no problems accessing all of it with Chatter. Good luck on whatever you choose!
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    Anyone have experience using for email?
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    I don't believe they support IMAP; if you're looking for a new provider, you should definitely find one that supports it.

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    Hey Marc, doesn't your chatteremail service have IMAP & IDLE as well? If I didn't already have Fastmail I'd switch to that, although Fastmail's lack of fixing things is starting to perturb me. :/
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    I'm surprised that since you've decided to use Chatter, you missed the fact that Marc offers hosted IMAP service himself! He was also too humble to mention it in his reply. I don't have firsthand experience, as I run my own IMAP server, but you may want to look at the chatteremail/ service.
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    Quote Originally Posted by galambo
    i use AOL free IMAP service ( and it works with chatter.
    That's what I do.
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    Also, fastmail is free up to a decent storage/bandwidth amount. They don't give you an smtp account...but that's no problem if you just use your current email's smtp server, whether it be gmail or whoever. There are very rare cases where you should be paying for your mail server.

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