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    As titled...

    HTML view in browser not displaying correctly.

    Jumbled coding and no-pictures showing up/
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    Is this new? POP3? IMAP? Example?

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    Currently using Beta 4.3...

    Thought it cured the problem, but 1/5 HTML emails I recieve, it will not load correctly in the browser.

    color/bold fonts, etc shows correctly inside chatter (with no images), then when I try to view it in Blazer's HTML browser, I see lots of <td><br> Html codes.

    AND ALSO, ever since 4.0+ beta releases. parking in Chatter ALWAYS lights up my treo. I set chatter to park in itself when idle. Before the 4.0 releases, if say I was in Verichat or PTunes, and hit the red Treo Key to turn off the light, after about 5-10 seconds it will switch to CHatter WITHOUT the need to turn on the backlight.

    NOW, whenever it wants to park into CE, the backlight will light and in turn, I will need to again push the red treo key "lights off button" ...This is very inconveinent and a battery drain IMO

    I like to mention I never had a problem with the later 3.8 and 3.9 Betas...

    My Setup:
    Treo 650 GSM (Cingular)
    Running Verichat, VolumeCare 4.07 on the background

    My Emails:
    2 True AOL IMAP Inboxes
    2 AIM IMAP Inboxes
    2 SMTP Profiles
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    trim - I've never seen the HTML problem you mention. Is there any way I can see one of these messages (preferably getting it sent to me directly)?

    As far as "park" goes, there haven't been any changes in 3+ months, so I'm not sure what you're seeing.

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    I think I've ruled the problem to be Jeff's new implementation of VolumeCare v4.XX

    I reinstalled his older v3.XX and it is working properly.

    With his new ver 4.XX, volume settings can be on a per app basis...and to my understanding, and as stated by Jeff himself, VolumeCare kicks in "only when in phone mode and when switching apps"

    This solves the lighted-screen "wake up" problem I was far as the HTML not correctly displaying in Blazer, I can't pinpoint that.

    Question: I set my mailbox to load 8000 bytes over the standard 2500 (default), can this be a problem?

    Oh, and this problem only occurs with only 1 of my mailboxes ... my other 3 displays perfectly in Blazer (however I did not adjust the default 2500 bytes on the others).

    I still need the one mailbox to load 8000 (or more bytes), I don't know if this is any help to solve my problem, but I sure would like to fix it.

    This appears to be a problem on my end....just cannot pinpoint it.
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    Does it have to do with whether the messages are fully loaded?


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