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    I just got my Treo650 today and I noticed that the 5-way navigator button doesn't always work when I hit the down button. I could hit it 10 times fast and maybe 8 of the 10 times it goes down. It seems as though it has to be hit directly on the down button (6 o-clock) not at say 7 or 5 o-clock. However the up button works fine at 11 and 1 o-clock.

    Is this because the down button doesn't have the same leverage the up and side buttons do?

    Anyone concur on this same issue or is it just mine?
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    It's that individual device. Of the 4 Treo 650s I've had, one didn't want to go left about 30% of the times i pushed. That didn't sit well with me after downloading PacMan. That replacement got sent back for another replacement.

    If it bothers you, perhaps exchange it for another unit (tough call, especially if your unit is otherwise fine).
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    I have the exact same problem on my first 650 and I have it replace by another unit which works great.

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