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    My son has a bazillion pictures on the internal memory of his 600. Is there any way to move them to an sd card other than one at a time?

    Also, once a sync is completed and the pictures are on your home computer can you delete them from the internal memory of the 600? That is on the next sync will the ones on the home computer be deleted when they don't show up in the next sync from the 600?
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    Hmmm, well I don't have a 600 anymore, but as I recall on the desktop there should be a Treo pic shortcut folder. You can go into that and copy/delete the pics under the user profile. Then just goto the hotsync conduit manager (right clickon hotsync on task manager and select custom) and chose desktop overwrited handheld for the Treo pic conduit... I hope that's write...
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