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    Ia m worrying about Sd card lost, how to secure it? thnaks
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    I don't have a suggestion for physically securing it other than a case that covers that area. I use a free application called PalmPuke that makes a sound every time the SD card is removed. I chose a belch sound and turned the volume all the way up. That way there is a specific sound attached to the card and it's loud enough that I'd hear it even in a noisy environment.
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    scotch tape
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    I remember someone recommended cutting off a small a piece of a screen protector...prob easier to take odd and reapply
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    I use zcover.. The slot is protected...
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    what I did was cut a small piece off of the top of the card. it works pretty well..
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    Duct tape. Works on everything else. Besides, it blends.
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    a few drops of crazy glue should keep it from coming out.
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    NotifyMe on MTDN is also a good alarm for SD card falling out. It can vibrate and make loud obnoxious sounds (a specified number of times at specified intervals) if the SD card is ejected.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    It can vibrate and make loud obnoxious sounds (a specified number of times at specified intervals) if the SD card is ejected.
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    You know, I never thought about duct tape before. It would match pretty well!

    They should have some kind of lock, shouldn't they?
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    The sand-the-top-of-the-SD-card idea is old news, but I just tried it myself on a 16MB card I got from an old digital camera. I used 100-grit sandpaper for about 35 seconds and sanded the top of the card flush with the 650. Works great, but I may have sanded just a micrometer too much as the two protective wafers of the card (that protect the storage wafer itself) are now separated (think two slices of bread with bologna in the middle). But still, it works and it CANNOT accidentally be ejected as I now have to insert my fingernail INTO the SD port to eject the card.
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