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    If someone can help me figure this out, i will forever be in their debt.

    I have a Treo 650 with no internet plan from Tmobile , but with the, port 8080 workaround i have enjoyed web browsing and e-mail with no hastle for almost a year (on both a 600 and 650)

    after extolling the benefits of the phone to my dad, i finally convinced him to get one - promising i could set his up the same as mine.

    I'm in Los Angeles, he's in Minneapolis. I ordered him the phone (unlocked GSM, same as mine) and walked him through configuration right out of the box. the settings are the EXACT SAME as on mine, but does not work!

    When he tries to go to a webstie, it redirects him to a page that says something like "sign up for TmoWeb for 5.99!"

    I don't understand how two phones with the same service, and identical settings could vary, one working - one not.

    Please help! I feel like a jerk telling my dad to spend $700 on a phone and then not being able to deliver.

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    Do you (both of you) have T-Zone?

    I need T Zone in New York to do it.
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    yes, do you at least have the 4.99 (or 5.99?) t-zones? even though it's just a wap service, you can still browse the regular internet with the proxy. but you need the t-zones.
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    i do NOT have have t-zones in los angeles, and it works just fine, i pay only my 39.99/mo for my plan, nothing else.

    update from dad: he says he decided just to accept the 5.99 charge and everything seems to be working fine - he says no big deal since $36/mo is still cheaper than he was paying for sprint with less minutes and no data.

    it appears no harm, no foul. but i'm still amazed that 2 identical setups have different results - proxy accesibility must be regional, its the only explanation i can come up with.
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    i'm amazed that you are getting data without subscribing for it. Hahahah!!
    i've never seen anyone report such a thing!
    treo 650 + SanDisk Ultra II 2GB
    in the process of selling the treo 650 and buying Qtek 9100.
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    I think you must have subcribed to t-zones or t-mobile web in past and than cancelled it. Do you get the internet access whereever you go or is it limited to your region?
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    i've gotten it everywhere i've ever had the phone in the us including, but not limited to: LA, NY, Minneapolis, Miami, Chicago, MI. and i promise, i've never signed up for tzones ever. i just assumed this was standard, did i get really lucky?
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    i really hate to doubt you because i'd hate to be doubted when i'm sure of something, but i guess you just got lucky!!

    because, again, i've never seen anyone report such a thing.
    treo 650 + SanDisk Ultra II 2GB
    in the process of selling the treo 650 and buying Qtek 9100.
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    well i promise, no tzones for me - i'd post my entire billing history for you if that was practical

    count me lucky i guess!
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    I do not pay for T-zone in Las Vegas and have web access with the workaround. Why is this? Will it go away?
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