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    Much like a desktop/laptop computer, is it possible to access and view different photos from internal memory or SD Card vis a vis a file management program or launcher? (and not Splash Photo itself?) For example click on "test photo' from file on SD card and that opens up the photo(s)?

    I realize, Splash Photo has a category option, but am looking for more computer like ways to access photos.

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    If I browse my card with either SnapperMail's or LauncherX's file manager, I can tap on a card-resident jpeg, select Open and view it with the Treo's Media app. I'm sure that ZLauncher or Resco Explorer would provide the same or similar function.
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    Resco Explorer appears to have a built-in image viewer
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    Splash photo does a great job and is quick in accessing pics from SD card than built in camera viewer.
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    I did a test from opening my LauncerX File Manager and it copied the file to my Treo's Ram vis a vis the T650's built-in "Pics and Videos' app...not something that I want to do.

    So I take it Resco Explorer's built-in image viewer will work with third-party photo programs, including Palm's? I hate to buy Resco Photo Viewer when I already have the Splash Wallet Suite (which includes Splash Photo).

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