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    + I find that if I have the docs in the 'to go' format, it is less likely to crash (processor speed perhaps?) my Treo (and having to perform a hard reset).

    + Yep. You guessed it. When I tried to open a native Microsoft Word format in Docs to go, it crashed my Treo. (Hard reset and synch) It also screwed up Snapper Mail, which I had to reinstall.

    + For those of us with 32MB Treo 650s, the Dataviz Tech tool is a blessing.

    + Docs to Go can be a pain to reinstall (especially on desktop), especially if you have multiple versions...make sure delete prior versions before installing! For me it was a headache, but I finally got it working again with Dataviz tech support help and numerous install iterations.


    + Besides using the DTG category fucntion, how can one access different files without having Docs to Go do a search? I was hoping of having different file folders (like "Real Estate Articles" with all the DTG word files in that folder) on my 2GB SD card, and open the files natively vis a vis my launcher SD card tool or FileZ etc. Translation: want to make my T650 my personal computer, just like a desktop!

    +How successful have members here using Docs to Go files for attachments via Snapper Mail (or other e-mail client)? If I send a Docs to Go in the "Word to Go" format, would a person on the receiving end--who doesn't have the Dataviz program--be able to open it up on their computer without any fuss?

    +Are there any other tips and tricks to Docs to Go that the 'brain trust' here at TC have found to be useful?
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    1. I do not know of a way to do that. I just use the categories. Works great for me.

    2. I always send attachments as native files. Works great with VersaMail. I would not think that anyone would be able to read a DTG format unless they have the software.

    3. Looks like you already know about moving DTG to the SD card. That is the main one that I know of.
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