This is my setup. I have Outlook 2002 running on my home PC, and another copy on my office PC. I synch at the moment my Treo650 with the home PC,and have been using Hotmail as the intermediate source to synch the two Outlooks.

This works just OK, since Hotmail losses some of the Outlook information such as "Busy/Personal/etc" and notification warnings.

I have tried to find a Outlook synch program that will keep two copies of Outlook synch over the internet (can be on demand not live) ... but nothing seems to exist. I tried signing up for a hosted Exchange server, but that seems to require installing Outlook 2003, setting the profile for the exchange server (can you then still synch the 650 with its profile) and more hassles.

So is there an easier solution besides email back and forth the PST file, or using the Treo itself as the hotsyc device ( I rather have the two Outlooks synch themselves and leave the Treo out of it)