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    I apologize in advance, b/c I must be an *****. I paired to the BT-338 no problems and wait until it gets a flashing yellow light (indicating a lock on satellites). I then launch TT5 from my Treo and get two beeps, but it never connects - continually says No GPS device! The blue BT LED light keeps flashing .
    I connected to my PC and ran SIRFdemo and it found satellites, so it seems to be a communication issue btwn the treo and the gps.

    any help would be much appreciated...I'm getting frustrated
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    Sometimes my TT5 will say no gps device until I actually put my car in motion, then it kicks in right away.
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    It is connecting now - it took a couple of cold starts before everything syncs up. However, it seems to just lose the GPS connection alltogether even with full signal. It happened 3 times in about an 8 mile trip.
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    Sounds like Treo bluetooth strength issue rather than a TT5 issue or BT-338 issue.
    Is there anything interfering with bluetooth between Treo and gps? Treo bluetooth is very weak and can be disrupted by people and items placed in between the Treo and bluetooth product.
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    thanks for the response. I installed AlwaysOn to keep my Treo from going into power save mode, and it hasn't happened since. I'm thinking the Treo wasn't recognizing any activity and then went into save mode. Hopefully problem solved!
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    I think it's a problem with TT. I've tried both version 5.000 and 5.120. Whenever I get "No GPS device", I just quit TT and restart it again. Usually that fixes it. Sometimes it takes a few tries.

    I don't think it's a Treo Bluetooth issue because my other apps don't have this problem. For example, Maptech Outdoor Navigator (raster/topo maps) always works. It connects on the first try and stays connected.
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    Sometimes its not so bad, but sometimes it cuts off every 2 minutes or so.
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    Anyone recommend a good site to get the BT 338? I'm trying to fine a good deal!
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    got mine from from If you are a member of, you also get 10% off which brings it down to about $120. buygpsnow has them too for a good price - 129 I think.

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