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    I freshly installed a new ROMupdater and all of my apps last night, and now my contacts (outlook 2003) will not sync form my desktop.
    I do not have all of the files listed in anither thread about similar issues.

    I do not have these:

    I do have this item twice:


    I have tried changing my conduit for the PC to write to the palm, etc..
    Thanx for any help!

    I alos noticed that my contacts are not in my pamdesktop also..but cannot figure out how to get them there...

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    Have you tried downloading the conduit update for Outlook from Palm's support site. I think it addressed the syncing of contacts.
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    Also, go into Outlook and from the Help menu - choose Detect and Repair.

    Sometimes the new update will cause some of the security of Outlook to burp the conduits and it just won't complete.
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