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    how do you write the letter "I" in lower and upper case?
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    Good luck... that was a MAJOR headache for me... sent me back to learn the 650 keyboard
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    What's the headache?

    lower case: vertical stroke DOWN

    upper case: (1) shift by using a single vertical stroke UP then (2) write a letter "I" just like before with a vertical stroke DOWN

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    that's how it SHOULD work... but alas, it does not
    lower case: vertical stroke down= "l"
    upper case: vertical stripe up the vertical stripe down= some sort of really long lower case "l"
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    Hmmm, could it just be a font problem? If you create a capital 'I' using the keyboard does it look different than the one you see with Graffiti? If not, get used to it!

    If it looks different then I'd guess you have trained your graffiti software incorrectly. I use TealScript on my Treo 650, and used RecoEcho when I had a Treo 300. In both cases I made an upper case "I" the same way and it looks right to me.

    TealScript has extensive "custom" character recognition, and I have created a few customized strokes (i.e. I could never get a lousy period to work consistently so I made up my own recognition stroke for a period).

    Whatever, good luck!

    Treo 755p / Sprint

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