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    Is it just my Treo, or is the Zero-Out reset not working with Sprint v1.12 roms?

    With Sprint 1.08 I was able to get the screen to go blank about 20 seconds before the Palm logo would come back up (about 15 seconds longer than a standard hard reset), following the directions for the Zero Out Reset on the PalmOne support site - the end result SEEMED to be nothing more than a hard reset. I understand a ZOR is supposed to take at least several minutes while the memory is reformatted & tested.

    Now with 1.12, The best I can get it to do is a hard reset (about 2 seconds of dead screen).

    I called SPCS customer service, spoke with a tier 3 rep who had never heard of a ZOR. Also spoke with several reps at the local Sprint store, whose only recommendation after (*supposedly*) running a full diagnostic was to "upgrade to the 1.12 firmware" which they didn't even NOTICE was already installed on my Treo.

    Can anyone confirm that the ZOR no longer functions with the 1.12 Sprint Firmware? Or do I own a defective Treo?
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    Are you sure that you are getting the sequence right? It is a very tricky process that required me to hold the stylus in my mouth. Maybe your timing is slightly off. Ask a friend to help you push the right buttons.
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    Yes, it is tricky. I know I had the buttons pressed correctly, because it kinda usedta work with the 1.08 roms.

    Nonetheless, if other users with Sprint 1.12 roms are still able to do it, then mine must need swapped for a new one. That's what I'm trying to find out here.
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    I have a sprint 1.12 and have done numerous zero out reset with no problem. I push power then up on the d-pad. While holding those button I push the hotsyn button and then, with the stylus in my mouthpiece I push the reset button on the back and release them all. Works everytime
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    Does the reset actually take 10 min for you?

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