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    Got a simple question. Does anyone know of a an accessory that will allow you to clip your bluetooth headset to your belt or even carry it around your neck with a clip-on type of necklace? I have the motorola hs850 (the one that looks like an egg with a hook on it). Typically, if I'm wearing a shirt or button up type shirt, I can open the mic arm and clip in on my shirt...however, I'm nervous that it'll fall out one day (which it actually did, but luckily I found it). I'm looking for a way to secure it - other than putting it in my pocket where more than likely I'm going to forget about it and it'll end up in the washing machine with my pants.

    I saw somewhere a bluetooth headset with a necklace holder with a clip on the end. You unclipped the headset and you were on your way. What I'm looking for is something very similar if not the same thing for any bluetooth headsets. Any suggestions?
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    Here's one for your belt, but I don't see your headset on the list of ones that fit.
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    For about 5x the price Vaja has this on their "Accessories" page.
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