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    I haven't seen any comments on the Nokia HS-11. Has anybody tried this headset?

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    Nobody responded so I'm assuming that nobody else has played with one... for what it's worth I got one and thought I would post my comments for the general good.

    All and all it seems to work pretty well so far (2 days of use). I like that it seems like it may hold up a little better than some of the others I've tried (Jabra 250 - stress crack in 2 days, Logitech Mobile Pro - ear clip broke off). The buttons are a rubberized coating and the ear clip (although some people might find it uncomfortable) holds on well and is a flexible plastic so it doesn't seem like it will break in my pocket.

    The call quality is much better than the Jabra, and about the same as the Logitech and Sony 662. The volume is pretty loud and so far I have not gotten any complaints about my voice quality.

    I would recommend this headset for anybody who is looking for one that will take a little more abuse.
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    Here are the Amazon reviews.
    The comfort thing worries me. I like that it doesn't have flashing lights on it. How is range...any better or still pretty much limited by Treo 650?
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    I tried this headset & the volume was too low! It was between this one & the Logitect Mobile Freedom. The logitech was just a bit louder so I went with it. Are you telling me you tested it in your car with traffic all around or on a busy street? Or in your quiet room where not even a mouse makes a sound?
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    Disaster... as for the range, from what I've seen it works about the same as other headsets with the treo. Also, I should mention that I actually find it more comfortable than some of those with a big hook around your ear, but I understand the comment on Amazon by the person saying that he feels that it squeezes his ear. Some people might feel that way.

    Treono... I have used it in a bunch of conditions... the only time that I found that it wasn't quite loud enough was when I was driving in my Jeep with the top down at highway speeds. Otherwise it was enough for me.

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