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    I finally found a stable alternative to Verichat. It isn't as robust but does the trick and doesn't constantly cause my phone to reset. It's called Chatopus and it is a jabber client. Jabber supports all other protocals through there network.

    I would like to know if there is anyone using Verichat with no resets. Since I have deleted it from my treo, I have had zero resets. Before that I would get random resets at no particular time but pretty consistently, unless I had Verichat turned off.

    It pisses me off that PDAapps neglects figuring out why it is not stable on the 650. It is a great app but not worth dealing with constant resets! Marc Blank please buy it from PDAapps and make it as stable as chatter!
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    I also stopped using VeriChat (after my second year of ownership). I couldn't deal with the resets and also the battery drainage and active data usage (missing calls) on the CDMA network. I now only log on to Toccer when I need to initiate an AIM conversation.
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    Out of curiosity which server and protocols do you use in Chatopus? I have been checking it out recently...

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    I'm using VeriChat 2.84b. Works well, with the occasional crash when a message comes in via SMS and I don't respond fast enough.
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    could Verichat be causing Palm Traffic to reset? Recently added Traffic and it resets like crazy when trying to refresh - I have VC 2.84b installed.
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