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    Is there any program that will either pw protect or just hide anything of my choosing. Hopefully one that has been battle-tested. I just p/u a 650 and am loving it.This forum so incredible and so far has answered so many questions I've had, but I can't seem to find anything relating to this yet. Thanks in advance for your help

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    Welcome to T|C. You may find the answere here:

    I haven't read it, but the answer may be in there.
    If not, I suggest using the searh function with the term "password protect" You will find several threads that come back. Surely the answer in in one of them. I don't PW much of anything, so Im not sure. Good Luck.

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    You can also try mEncryptor. It will encrypt any file on your SD card not just pictures. I use it almost everyday.
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    How about hiding them, then useing your palm password to unlock them when needed?
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