I just purchased a Jabra BT 250V from a Palm Store. The salesperson paired the demo headset to my phone and it worked fine. At home, I paired my Jabra to the phone and it worked fine.

The next day, I performed a hard reset on my 650 to wipe out all the double records that were created in Outlook after I had installed the Cingular update and fussed with all the records settings. For some reason, all of my appointments were double listed, but the hard reset cleared them out and the sync fixed the Outlook calendar on the 650.

But, now the headset won't pair up again with the 650. I don't think it's the Cingular update, because that was installed before I bought the Jabra, which had been working fine. The Bluetooth setup looks for but doesn't "discover" the Jabra (which is fully charged and off, as recommended in the setup). Bluetooth is on and the "discoverable" feature is set to yes.

Any advice? Thanks, gurus.