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    I was wondering what the real cost of a new Treo 650 really is.

    There are a lot of 3rd party "patch" software and programs out there that "fix" stock Treo 650 problems and bugs.

    Please think carefully about the 3rd party programs that you have bought that make the Treo usable on a day to day basis for you. DO NOT INCLUDE EXTRAS PLEASE.

    Include only the software you have purchased, such as: ProfileCare, VolumeCare, email programs, video and camera, phone apps... you know, stuff that just makes the unit tolerable for you; features that you feel should have been included.

    Add up all the programs that you use that you feel are necessary to get the Treo 650 working to the way you feel it should have from the factory and select the amount that you think you have spent.

    And feel free to list the BEST programs in your post too.

    Later Edit: Fantastic Participation and Comments... keep em coming! Thank you.
    Later Edit: Awesome... see Poll Part II (the hardware)
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    $0 dollars. Works great. Tons of share, beta, and freeware loaded.

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    Oops,,,, missed the part about the "DO NOT INCLUDE EXTRAS PLEASE".

    Here lets make it more obvious,,,

    Do'nt total all of your software!!!! Only software used to fix Treo problems or software that should have been included O!one!!11!!1!O
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    Volume Care was the only one I would consider necessary. Maybe Voicedialer for some. Other than that, it does everything it should do out of the box. The other 3rd party stuff is just because we are geeks!
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    Volume Care and Butler! Any 'real' phone must have useable earpiece volume and beep at you when you've missed a call

    Of course, what good is any PDA device without Datebk5? Also, a Treo without Directory Assistant is shameful under-utilization!!


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    megacom filemanager (you know,,, the kyocera 7135 came with a file manager

    treo guard

    treo alert manager

    volume care

    highlighter (free)

    xiino because blazer is slow, you know kyocera 7135 came with a fast and a slow browser
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    $0 - works perfectly fine as a phone/pda/wireless device (remember - it's not a laptop)

    $0 - some of the most usefull tools are freeware/shareware (donations are at your discretion)

    $250+ - other apps - not necessary - but im a sucker
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    Quote Originally Posted by zelgo
    I find a number of programs necessary-- Resco Photo Viewer (because the existing Pics&Videos is so slow that it's worthless

    Ya,,, me too! I retract my "Oops",,,, all my apps (almost all) are there to replace to junk apps already on the treo!

    Palm should ditch the junk ROM apps like its cr@p date book and replace it with quality stuff like datebk5,,,,,,,, Of course then the 8 meg ROM would be 30 megs and my $500.00 Treo would be $800.00
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    $9 Volume Care
    $11 Butler
    $15 Uninstall Manager
    $25 mVoice (Free feature on my previous T3)
    $20 Voice Dial (Free feature on my previous Nokia 6820)

    $80 Total

    My total is only $80 if I had taken advantage of the free SD Card Palm was offering before the memory fix. If not, throw in another $20 for a low cost SD to supplement the paltry memory included in the 650.
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    I've spent over $300 for accessories at TreoCentral alone. Additionally, over $200 for various software. Easily spent more than the original cost of my Treo 650. It's a shame/disease/addiction/vice really!!

    Further, I spent an extra $400 more on two 2GB SD cards. Getting out of hand!
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    I could have used it the way it came out of the box, but chose to add a variety of programs that suited my wants and needs. I doubt that anyone has bought a home computer and did not add various forms of software that did things that the computer did not come with. We don't generally say they should not have sold that computer if I can't do "whatever" on it. To me, buying additional software, no matter how trivial it is, is a normal part of owning computer devices. We all try to make these devices work to "what's best for us".
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Cheung
    I've spent over $300 for accessories at TreoCentral alone. Additionally, over $200 for various software. Easily spent more than the original cost of my Treo 650. It's a shame/disease/addiction/vice really!!

    Further, I spent an extra $400 more on two 2GB SD cards. Getting out of hand!
    LOL... I kind of suspected we'd run into this, but wow... thanks for the input Casey!

    Let's face it... this thing is a lot of fun... just anemic as hell in some areas.
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    Very interesting thread... you might be interested in this article that covers some of these costs...
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    What about the necessary cost of a case?
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    I don't consider any of my software to "fix or replace things that should have been included" - i really put in all software that I paid for b/c I would only pay for things I consider vital, and freeware the rest. Verichat, ZLauncher, TomTom, CardExport, and BackupMan head the list. I had PDANet on the list for my T600 but haven't had to purchase yet for the 650 (I have a separate PC Card for my laptop). So my Total is in the $200-300 category, with TomTom being the biggie.
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    put in Backupman and FileZ.

    used PDANet because it is so easy.

    $70 bucks, worth every penny. I am THRILLED WITH THE TREO AND WISH I WOULD HAVE PURCHASED IT SOONER!!!!!!
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    Note Pad* (FREE)
    Voice Memo* (FREE)
    Directoy Asst.* (FREE)
    Snap* (FREE)
    Stop Watch* (FREE)
    KeyCaps* (FREE)
    2day*, Butler*, Datebk5*, PdaNet*, Treoguard*, ZLauncher*, Uninstall Manager*, Ringo Pro, HandZipper, 4Cast*, Voice Launcher ( Free from Handago promo )
    TreoAlarm* (15.00) came with free Remote Lock
    VolumeCare* (15.00)

    Total $30.00
    *best programs, all help make my treo function to my liking
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    Quote Originally Posted by gamoses
    What about the necessary cost of a case?
    excellent point... your wish is my command.
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    Although I would find it hard to live without Butler, the only addition to my out of box Treo I think was necessary was firmware 1.08 (Sprint) which was free. So I'm with a few others $0.

    I didn't even have to buy a case because I used the one which came with my 600.

    Now how much I actually did spend to have all the bells and whistles is another story!
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