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  • $1 - $10

    9 7.96%
  • $10 - $20

    7 6.19%
  • $20 - $40

    9 7.96%
  • $40 - $60

    15 13.27%
  • $60 - $80

    7 6.19%
  • $80 - $100

    15 13.27%
  • $100 - $150

    17 15.04%
  • $150 - $200

    11 9.73%
  • $200 - $300

    5 4.42%
  • $300+

    18 15.93%
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    We should have another choice for "How much $$ have you wasted on software and accessories you DON'T use??"

    For myself, I'd say approx 1/3 the stuff I've purchased I don't use. I bought at least 3 cases (over $75 worth) that I consider useless trash. At least $100 worth of programs I don't care to use, such as Beyond Contacts, Handango's AOL app, various voice dialing apps, etc, etc.
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    $0 here, but it wasn't an option, so I chose the cheapest one.
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    I have spent as much on accessories as my Treo.
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    There's another scenario that you guys havn't quite thought about. Traditional Palm users who have paid for palm software ... and thus don't have to pay for it again to use it with the Treo.

    Handmap is probably one of my more expensive purchases. With all the maps of Canada and the US, I think it cost about $75 or so... but I bought it for a Palm IIIc I had awhile ago.

    I did buy a bluetooth GPS and a bluetooth headset, but they're not software. I have not bought a case yet ... because I've yet to see a case that I both like and can justify spending money on. Shipping can make a good deal bad.

    I also bought an adaptor for audio listening and a USB charger.

    Looking at the software on my Treo, I am probably going to buy ChatterMail and PocketTunes --- both in the category of upgrades to existing software, I suppose.

    I do regularly use quite a bit of Free software, tho: TCPMP, TuSSH, upIRC, VfsBackup, Pippy, SuDoku, PocketCity, OpenChess, Grafitti Anywhere, LodeRunner, netClock, DiddleBug, OnBoardC, FileZ.

    I havn't decided yet whether to pay for iSilo. There are a couple of other apps that fit my usage. I'm somewhat surprised that TCPMP is free while I havn't seen a free audio client.

    So I spend $75 or so _before_ the treo on Palm software. I may spend another $50 on software shortly... and I've spent about $100 on hardware.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonylmiller
    $0 here, but it wasn't an option, so I chose the cheapest one.

    You've spent 0 (zero) on accessories and software? You the man! One of these days, I'll get there too!

    I could have easily bought a laptop already for the amount I've spent on my T650!
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    My Treo 650 has cost me less in terms of accessories and software than any of my previous Palms. So far I've spent $1 on software (Splashblog, got a good deal) and $20 on a case. I use the built-in apps heavily, and the other software that I use (HandyShopper, TCPMP, Mobipocket) are free.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franko515
    Note Pad* (FREE)
    Franko- where did you get the Note Pad for free. Do you have a link?


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    i just spent money on volume care. even though I use an earpeice most of the time I didnt have an issue with volume, but on the train I wanted a little boost for when I need to hear tcmcp.

    all the other software I already had,

    I did buy two cradles and screen protectors, no case for me.
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