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    Hi there.

    I searched around but couldn't find anything on this topic, so I assume I'm out of luck, but there may be a way. This morning I sent my beloved 650 in for repair, and I am desperately afraid that I won't get a replacement back before I go overseas in a couple of weeks. (The internal headphone jack seems to have come loose and there's no sound from the 650).

    Anyway, I was too lazy to sell my 600 so luckily I have something to fall back to. I wanted to avoid syncing it for the whole time, so it doesn't screw up my configuration on my PC. I found a way to set the hotsync name and get all the essential apps on there without syncing, thanks to filez. The only thing I'm missing is my contacts. Given that I have all the desktop data, my Outlook contacts, and a backupman file from my 650, is there any way to get the data in to the 600 without reconfiguring or reinstalling palm desktop and going through the whole rigamarole? I couldn't find an addressdb.pdb file or anything else like that to try in either the Backup/ folder or in the backupman file.

    Much obliged for any ideas, otherwise, I'll bite the bullet and try and find an installer for the old 600 Palm Desktop.


    P.S. it's pretty hard to go back to the 160x160 screen once you have seen greener pastures.
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    Try this:
    1. Open Palm Desktop, Contacts
    2. Make sure that the category is "All"
    3. Edit/Select All
    4. Edit/Forward as vCard
    5. Send the file to your email address

    Now, this works on a Treo 650 - I don't have a 600 to play with: Fetch mail and open the vCard with your Contacts (Addressbook?) app.
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    You a very good man.

    Mailing vCards works like a charm. Much obliged!

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