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    So I recently picked up a verizon 650 and I really want to put my business contacts in, but not if I cant change the Contacts default setting to "personal" instead of "all". I only call my business contacts (150 of them) a few days a month and do not want to have scroll through them all the time when I want to call my friends. Is there a way to do this?....seems like it should be a no-brainer option but I cant find directions on how to do it. Thanks for any help!
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    Here's the best you can do with the built-in app: from the menu in Contacts, Options/Preferences - select "Remember Last Category".
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    Also, it is pretty easy to search for someone with only a few keystrokes. In the Contacts application, type in the first letter of the contacts First Name and then a couple of letters from their Last Name. You will usually get to the right name within three key strokes. It is faster than scrolling through even just a few names and you don't have to take the time to categorize every entry. I had hundreds of names from Outlook and then Lotus Notes and it would have taken a long time to categorize them all.

    This method works pretty well for me. After three keys I usually have the name on the screen even if other names are there too. I have over a thousand contacts in my database!
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    Thank you both for your replies! The "remember last category" should work well for what I need to do (thank you fellow Atlantian). Fortunately, I only have my personal numbers in the phone now so it was easy to tag them all at once on the desktop. I did know about the keystroke shortcut but I really just want the numbers seperate because I do not want to risk accidently calling one of the business contact numbers....they are very sensitive to after-hours calls.
    Anyway, thanks again! This seems like a great forum (like in the early iPod lounge). And I hope it holds up! (unlike the current iPod lounge forums)
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    For categories, you can press the key (or two keys if Option is one) that you pressed to open the Contacts application in the first place. Press it again, and again, to cycle through your contact categories in alphabetical order. (Calendar does this also.)

    So a category like "Business" could come up more quickly than one called "Friends." Hope this helps.

    I tested this and it not only works, but if you go to another app and come back to Contacts you will still be in that category. A basic Palm thing.
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