I've just begun using Chatteremail about a month ago with the demo, and it's been great so I purchased it today. I've been running my own IMAP system for quite some time, and currently use Mozilla Thunderbird on all my PCs. My normal reply method is to compose my responses in between the original author's post such as:

> How are you doing?

I'm great today.

> Are we still on for tonight?


Signature, etc.

And every email client that I've ever used allows this except Outlook, which puts the signature on top, then writes "Original Message" along with basic email headers, and finally the original message; which of course goes completely against standards (as most things MS does).

Unfortunately, it would seem that Chatter creates it's replies similar to the way Outlook does, and I can't seem to be able to change this. So far, I've had to manually remove the "Original Message" tag and headers, copy and paste the needed quoted text above the signature, and prepend each line with the ">" mark. As you can guess, this is extremely annoying.

Any possibility of being able to change a preference in Chatter that makes it send replies in a standards-compliant format?