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    What software shouws balance of mulitple accounts and allows you to add notes to out goings and income?
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    Maybe Ultrasoft Money would do the trcik for you. I have tried all the good finance package out there and I settled on AllMoney by Iambic ( because of its User interface and simplicity.
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    why thank you my good man
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    I use Microsoft Money 2001 and Ultrasoft Money Pocket Edition 2.0. So far the program is flawless: it is easy to use (I have not read the manual because the interface is so user-friendly.) It can easily handle multiple accts such as savings, checking, and even brokerage accts. Entering data is easy too because it can memorize vendors, catergories etc; in fact, I enter most of my transactions via the Visor instead of thru Money 2001 on my desktop.
    Keep in mind that I have not tried out other financial apps so I do not know how it compares with others. Because I am so happy w/ Money 2001 and Pocket Edition I plan to stick w/ what I've got.
    Hope this helps!
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    Also I forgot to add...
    You can also add notes (even lengthy ones) to accompany income, debits, and other entries you make.

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    I agree. I can't say enough good things about the UltraSoft Money / MS Money 2001 combo. UltraSoft has made such an amazing proggie that I to NEVER enter data thru MS Money anymore. I always enter the data in the VDx then hotsynch it to MS Money. I only ever open MS Money when I want to view graphs or analize my spending etc. The synching is absolutely flawless so far.

    I'm one of those people that have time and time again tried to use either Money or Quicken desktop but turn out to be not quite anal enough to enter every receipt into the program so the data is incomplete and the process becomes pointless and I eventually give up. I guess it's because when I'm sitting in front of my PC there are other things I'd rather do. With the VDx solution, I enter any transactions as they happen at the restraunt or store or car etc and it automatically is entered into my PC by simply doing my normal daily hotsynch. It's habit now and it works great!



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