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    I am sure there must be some dentists or pre-dental students using treo 650 here on TC. Just want to know some good softwares you might be using in your daily practice. Also does anyone know is there any software to prepare for DAT on our treo?
    Any help appreciated...
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    I'm a Dental Student, and I'm not sure why you would need the Treo 650 for your practice? My father's practice has a networked computer in every room for digital X-rays, and patient records, etc.

    As for DAT preperation. Go the Kaplan or Princeton Review route.

    good luck

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    Thanks for the reply "propynyl".

    Computers ofcourse serve as major record keeping but it would be nice if you can have some common software with your computer records to synchronize with treo. Also there are some good reference guides & drug list.
    I did choose Kaplan for DAT preparation but looking for some preparation materials to have on treo. For me it would be a bonus because I can go through notes anytime I want.
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    There are several drug databases available. EpocratesRX is free, but a huge memory hog. I use Tarascon Pharmacopoeia, which installs nicely on the SD card. You might also want to check out Mobipocket and some of the medical text publishers. There are a lot of reference texts available in digital form.
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