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    Hi All,

    Been trying to figure out a way to automate some keystrokes that I always have to enter in Blazer. I want to start a shortcut that can enter some text, then switch to the next field, press enter, enter more text, then enter, etc.

    Can you switch to the next field like that when using a shortcut? I've tried the standard Palm shortcut and shortcut5 with no luck so far...

    - Thanx
    - Jon
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    Look at Chapter 6, "Macros", in the ShortCut5 manual:

    "...Changing text fields. The @@f1, @@f2, @@f3, @@f4 macros will change the insertion point to a different text field. The macro names represent the ordering of the text ShortCut5 v1.5 fields based upon their screen position. The ordering is top to bottom, left to right. This is useful for complex shortcuts that need to span multiple text fields on a single form. Text fields within tables are not supported."
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